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arc fit

segment design optimization

The tool solves the problem of arc fitting in a given 3-dimensional curve. It creates approximation  of a series of finite number tangent segments. It's being used in production processes aiming to simplify a 3-dimensional NURBS curve.

Unlike conventional processes, in which the geometry for each individual curve is designed through manual iterations, the proposed workflow is generative - based on optimization through generation of a number of possible solutions.

The generated designs are then automatically rated.
The evaluation process is based on the average discrepancies compared to the original 3d curve and the transition smoothness between discrete segments.

The best performing solution is then generated in the software interface and the segments are ready to export for production.

Since the workflow has been introduced, over 30 projects have been complete with a dramatic cut of the design workhours and related costs.

Related Cost Savings 



Time Savings 

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