We create a custom Revit plugins to automate your workflow. We design and maintain applications for AEC companies to fulfill their specific & unique needs for fast & accurate solutions to their tasks.

The advantages of custom plugins:


Cost & time savings

Fit your workflow with your specific input and desired output - not less or more than your needs. Solution embedded in your process is the fastest way to solve your specific problem -no additional work efforts like in half adopted solutions that might be available in off-the-shelf tool. 

Minimizing mistakes

By embedding processes and specific tools for common tasks, the result is predictable and eliminates mistakes.

Easy scalability 

Once you have a tool for fast & accurate solutions for a specific problem, it could be applied in numerous cases.

Check out our plugins for the AEC industry


create fence

A plugin that automatically creates fences in Revit. You can now speed up or entirely eliminate this tedious task. Especially useful for large projects, in which fencing can be hundreds of meters long.


Revit plugin that helps optimize grey energy in buildings while creating them.

Custom plugin we've created for our client eco bau

The tool accounts for the embodied energy-related calculations in the building certificate Minergie-ECO.

It incorporates information about the type of construction and the function of the building, basic measurements and technologies used in it.

An integrated building components database provides the opportunity to apply information regarding grey energy and GHG to the different building elements.

After a choice is made the results are simultaneously computed and compared to benchmarks on element and building levels. In that way, optimization opportunities are provided.

The choice of building components from the database can be changed at any time to improve the results. Subsequently, other building elements can be analyzed.

Changes to the building design can be done at any time, if necessary.

The results are computed for both grey energy and GHG and can be accessed per building element and for the whole building.

A summary of the final results is accessible within the program.


project floor

Revit plugin for creating floor elements by boundaries & isolines from DWG import.

The Plugin includes:


• Import DWG in Revit

• Select layer for boundaries

Closed polylines

• Select layer for isolines


• Revit floor elements according to boundaries & isolines

The plugin is helpful for fast & accurate creation of complex floor elements based on DWG import.



sci-steel is a toolkit for Dynamo Advance Steel that adds selection, read geometry and create element functionalities. Aimed at automating repetitive tedious tasks in engineering and helping design of complex geometries from import.

The Toolkit includes:


• Universal AutoCAD selector

• Get Mesh geometry

• Get Surface geometry

• Get Line geometry 

• Get Grid geometry 

• Get Beam geometry

• Get Plate geometry 


• Transform Plate and Bolt

• Get Element Unique Id

• Move Element to layer


• Create Advance Steel Bolt 
• Create AutoCAD Line
• Create AutoCAD Polyline

Select Element-01.png
Line Geometry-01.png
Grid Geometry-01.png
Mesh Geometry-01.png
Surface Geometry-01.png
Beam Geometry-01.png
Plate Geometry-01.png
Element Id-01.png
Move To Layer-01.png
Create Acad line-01-01.png
Create Acad Polyline-01-01.png
Create Bolt-01.png







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