sci-ride is a toolkit for creating rollercoaster rides. The tools have been developed in Dynamo and Grasshopper and automate the tasks of designing, analysis, and preparing for production.

The Toolkit includes:

Ride Design:

 • Generate Ride path
 • Generate structure 

 • Generate Safety Zone 
 • Show slope and length
 • Monitor slope
 • Detect Safety Clash

Arc Fit:

 • Grasshopper production segments logic
 • Optimization algorithm

Air Drag Analysis:

 • Air drag analysis algorith

 • Velocity vizualization
 • Acceleration diagram

 • Revit Schedule and Excel export

 • GWA file upload and analysis  


sci-steel is a toolkit for Dynamo Advance Steel that adds selection, read geometry and create element functionalities. Aimed at automating repetitive tedious tasks in engineering and helping design of complex geometries from import.

The Toolkit includes:


• Universal AutoCAD selector

• Get Mesh geometry

• Get Surface geometry

• Get Line geometry 

• Get Grid geometry 

• Get Beam geometry

• Get Plate geometry 


• Transform Plate and Bolt

• Get Element Unique Id

• Move Element to layer


• Create Advance Steel Bolt 
• Create AutoCAD Line
• Create AutoCAD Polyline

A plugin that automatically creates fences in Revit. You can now speed up or entirely eliminate this tedious task. Especially useful for large projects, in which fencing can be hundreds of meters long.