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LCA Integration
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Your custom LCA workflow
The aim of this framework is to enable architects to make data-driven decisions about project assets such as materials, building components, and technical equipment. The life cycle assessment solution can be tailored to the type of certification you are seeking, including life cycle analysis, impact indicators, benchmarks, and more.
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Key Benefits


Integrate with Your own authoring tool

Reduce calculation time

Improve accuracy

Gain insight on project's performance

Save and export results

Our Conrtibution


Ease of use

We know the Architect's point of view. We have worked extensively with BIM authoring tools such as Revit and Archicad and know how to create an intuitive User Experience


We leverage our analytical knowledge and software development skills to create a Revit and Archicad plug-ins or stand alone applications.


We adhere to the principles of Object Oriented Design and can add multiple certification types with ease, thus creating a common ground for all used standards.

Project Showcase
Optimize CO₂ & energy in buildings as you design them.

The tool works with established Swiss standards such as the KBOB LCA data and SIA2040, SIA2032, SIA2024, SIA380/1, SIA2039, Minergie-P-A/ECO and SNBS by merging their requirements and applying them on the same BIM basis.

It incorporates information about the type of construction and the function of the building, basic measurements and technologies used in it.

An integrated building components database provides the opportunity to apply information regarding grey energy, insulation properties and GHG to the different building elements.

After a choice is made the results are simultaneously computed and compared to benchmarks on element and building levels. In that way, optimization opportunities are provided.

The choice of building components from the database can be changed at any time to improve the results. Subsequently, other building elements can be analyzed.

Changes to the building design can be done at any time, if necessary.

The results are computed for both grey energy and GHG and can be accessed per building element and for the whole building.

A summary of the final results is accessible within the program's website.

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