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Key Benefits
Key Benefits

3D Product Configurators

Reveal all variations and logic in your products, and give your customers the ability to customize them according to their needs. Easy integration into e-commerce platforms. 

Unlimited & Fast Design Iterations

Explore & share unlimited number of design options with partners, clients & decision makers. Sort and analyze all options by their output configuration parameters.

Fabrication Automation

Embedding your production rules and technology constrains in web configurator allows your users to send files for production directly from your configurator. 

Boost Your E-Commerce Stradegy


Online product configuration drastically decreases design-to-production time. Instead of the traditional team of in-house designers and engineers, the configurator is capable of producing and visualizing the 3D design for the client. This automated workflow allows unprecedented levels of customization at the same cost, leveraging CAM system capabilities and file standardization.


Online configuration allows innovative business models, in which the customer can directly specify selected properties of the product. The client can visually explore the product and get live feedback on items of interest - including price and dimensions. The configurators can be embedded in any website.

Try it out.

No design & engineering needed - provides ready to production file (download button) by users inputs.

Easy accessible user interface - easy interaction with the configuration by hoover/drag image by mouse.


A Custom product at a standard price.

A Configurator that creates a panel wall with perforation created by user uploaded image. Converts raster images to vector files by embedded image sampling algorithm. Customizable dimensions, resolution, image size, perforation & openings percentage.

Acoustic Panel Configurator
Showcase of configurators we created with ShapeDiver
Dampere Configurator

Dampere - Project Showcase

Dampere is a leader in the design and manufacture of decorative perforated metal sheets and panels for the construction industry. We take part in the development of two of their configurators:

Cedar Nursery Configuraor
cedar white.jpg

Cedar Nursery - Plants and Outdoor Living - Project Showcase

Cedar Nursery is a plant and outdoor living center offering a unique selection of quality garden plants, outdoor furniture and a customized range of stylish products.

Cedar Nursery: “The models Sci-Mode have made for us work well, are easy to use and integrate nicely into our online store. The team have always been very friendly and responsive. Whenever we have an issue or need a model to be edited, they communicate well beforehand to confirm what needs to be done and resolve it quickly.

Nomade Editions
nomade logo 2.JPG

Nomade Editions - Project Showcase

Nomade Editions allow you to customize, personalize and download custom designs for CNC fabrication.