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Who is Sci-Revit for?
This toolkit is designed for Architects who are faced with multiple requirements from different stakeholders. In such cases, it becomes exponentially more difficult to maintain the required level of detail throughout a project's development when changes are made. The Sci-Revit toolkit exists with the purpose of making workflows more efficient in such situations.
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Key Benefits


Cost & time savings

Minimizing mistakes

Easy scalability 

Our Contribution


Ease of use

We know the Architect's point of view. We have worked extensively with Revit and know how to address the the software's pain points.


We leverage our Revit API knowledge and software development skills to create desktop software add-ins for facilitating specific processes.

Modular design

Sci-Revit is built with the intention to be further adapted to the needs of each customer, therefore all features are independent of each other.

Our Solutions

Create Fence

Automatically create fences in Revit. Architects can now speed up or entirely eliminate this tedious task. Especially useful for large projects, in which fencing can be hundreds of meters long.


Project Floor


Fast and accurate creation of complex floor elements based on DWG import:

  1. ​Import DWG in Revit and select layers for boundaries and isolines.

  2. Automatically create Revit floor elements according to DWG input.

Floor Heating Calculator


The add-in utilizes specifically developed algorithms for finding geometrical solutions to underfloor heating layout configurations for rectilinear rooms.

The user selects the room in which floor heating is to be arranged, a starting point for the heating circuits and the location of the heating circuit distributor.

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