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Who is Sci-Steel for?
This toolkit is developed for Structural Engineers who use Autodesk Advance Steel and need to be able to adapt quickly to changing design concepts. The more complex geometries they work with, the more time consuming it is to update structural elements when a new design is introduced. The Sci-Steel toolkit exists with the purpose of making workflows more efficient in such situations by automating tedious and time consuming tasks.
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Key Benefits


Cost & time savings

Minimizing mistakes

Intuitive design

Our Conrtibution


Ease of use

We know the Structural Engineer's point of view. We have worked extensively with Dynamo and Advance Steel and know how to combine both to facilitate workflows.


We leverage our Advance Steel, AutoCAD and Dynamo API knowledge and software development skills to create a Dynamo plug-in with multiple utility components.


Sci-Steel is designed for all types of structural projects - from climbing walls to complex facades.

Our Solution

Sci-Steel is a plugin for Dynamo Advance Steel that adds selection, read geometry and create element functionalities. Aimed at automating repetitive tedious tasks in engineering and helping design of complex geometries from import.

The Toolkit includes:

Select Element-01.png

Create Advance Steel Bolt

Select Element-01.png

Move Element to Layer

Select Element-01.png

Get Beam Geometry

Select Element-01.png

Get Grid Geometry

Select Element-01.png

Create AutoCAD Polyline

Select Element-01.png

Transform Plate and Bolt

Select Element-01.png

Get Surface Geometry

Select Element-01.png

Get Line Geometry

Select Element-01.png

Create AutoCAD Line

Select Element-01.png

Get Plate Geometry

Select Element-01.png

Get Mesh Geometry

Select Element-01.png

Get Element Unique Id

Use Cases

Complex Facades

Climbing Walls

Industrial Buildings

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