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building volume optimization

A Revit tool for automatic generation and optimization of a building volume, that is constrained by local urban regulations. The tool is a Dynamo algorithm using  Generative Design to provide various options.

The Problem:

  • Interpretation of the legal framework for spatial planning when creating a building volume is often a slow and laborious process. It requires detailed knowledge of the regulatory framework and its application in the design process. Errors in this interpretation lead to a large amount of additional design work.

  • Selecting appropriate parameters for a specific project can not be done without comparing the results of different configurations.

  • The legal framework requires the architect to comply with specific building parameters, some of which are variables that the designer must choose.

This makes the use of computational and generative design in the process very suitable for solving this problem.

The Solution:

  • The algorithm developed in Dynamo implements the regulatory framework. After the input of the initial parameters which are set in the urban plans for the specific building, it generates many solutions that can be compared in Generative Design based on achieved building parameters - building plot area and built-up volume.

  • The architect can choose the optimal solution that maximizes the parameters of construction - extremely useful for the end customer.

The tool is helpful at the beginning of the design process, rapidly giving these important parameters at an early stage of the process - based on these results, the architect can make informed decisions about the future building.

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