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Why AEC needs
Solution Intelligence?

The advancement of technological innovation has led to the emergence of a plethora of AI products that can be used in the field of AEC. Navigating which one is best in solving a particular problem quickly becomes unmanageable. On top of that, it is even harder to evaluate if Machine Learning is needed in the first place.


How do You know if it is worth investing in AI when there may be a much simpler solution?

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Outputs from an algorithm
are not decisions.

Especially in the field of AEC, it is the decision-maker that directly affects the world around us. By providing You with the correct infrastructure, we ensure that Your data leads to better actions.

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Integrate decision intelligence into the entire project lifecycle
Our Approach

Two steps are required to perform a thorough analysis and gain insight into the possible outcomes of decisions:

The first step is to extract semantic information from each Building Information Model.

The second step is to store these data in a system that maintains highly structured, multi-source information.

Our Projects

Building Volume


LCA Integration



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